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28 States Of India And Their Languages

The Republic of India is a country with a very spacious area and a huge population density and high population growth.  India generally accepts two (2) official languages which are Hindi and English but the Indians speak more than twenty-two (22) languages and have twenty-nine (29) states. Each state has a language that is peculiar to it. One interesting fact about India’s numerous languages is that, it can be read or pronounced as spelt, so there is no cause for alarm. India’s language is very rich and interesting to learn.

Below are information on the states that makes up the great India and the languages that are being spoken in these states.


Andhra Pradesh Telugu, Urdu
Arunachal Pradesh Monpa, Miji, Nyishi, Dafia
Assam Assamese
Bithar Hindi, bhojpuri
Chhattisgarh Hindi
Goa Konkani,  Marathi
Gujarat Gujurat
Haryana Hindi, Panjabi
Himachal Pradesh Hindi, Panjabi
Jammu & Kashmir Dogri, Kashmiri
Jharkhand Hindi, Bhorjpuri
Karnataka Kannada
Kerala Malayalam
Madya Pradesh Hindi
Maharashtra Marathi
Manipur Manipuri
Meghalaya Garo, English, Khasi
Mizoram Mizo, English
Nagaland Chang, Lotha, Ao
Orissa Oriya
Punjab Punjabi
Rajasthan Hindi, Rajasthani
Sikkim Bhutia, Nepali
Tamil Nadu Tamil
Tripura Bengali, Manipuri
Uttarakhand Hindi
Uttar Pradesh Hindi, Urdu
West Bengal Bengali


One does not have to be scared of how numerous the languages in India are. Some words in English were borrowed from India.  For example; “Loot” is a Hindi word borrowed by the English men and they simply termed it to mean to steal, especially as part of war, riot or other group violence. “Chilly” is also an Indian word, the Indian called their red pepper chilly but today, chilly is also used to describe something cold enough to cause shivering.

Most of these languages are similar to each other. Tamil and Hindi are similar with few differences. One of the differences is that Hindi is a broader language compared to Tamil; Tamil has thirty (30) alphabets but Hindi has fifteen (15) alphabets in addition to that of the Tamil alphabets making forty-five (45) alphabets. Hindi is more accepted generally than Tamil. We can therefore say that Tamil is the Hindi spoken and more specific to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Another substitute to Hindi apart from Tamil is Urdu, which the Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh hold precious to them. It is also very similar to Hindi; a difference that is pertinent is the fact that Hindi and Urdu use different scripts.

Hindi was chosen as the official language because it seems to be the language which cuts across all other Indian languages. Each state chooses to be limited to the aspect of Hindi that is being spoken by them. This is what has constituted the various languages that exist in India. So we can conclude that any foreigner who can speak Hindi and English fluently would encounter little or no communication problem in the Republic of India.

One thought on “28 States Of India And Their Languages

  1. Although the article does make the statement that India has 29 states, the title claims only 28 states. In the list of states, Telangana was neglected. Although Andhra Pradesh & Telangana both speak Telugu, what is now Andhra Pradesh does not hold Urdu as “precious”. Urdu is widely spoken only in the Hyderabad area of Telangana. The rest of Telangana does not use Urdu often.

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