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Cheap Universities in India for International Students

As an international student searching for an ideal Country to study, India should be among the top of your list due to many factors.

India has emerged as an attractive destination for international students on the past decade, with a fast growing economy India’s tertiary institutions has emerged among the best and cheapest. There are many universities and institutions to choose from with the country known for its quality in engineering and technological courses.

The cost of living for international students is not high, as housing and utility bills cost around $250-$400 per semester, depending on the location of the university. While cost of meal is also low, you can get a good meal for $1 to $5 depending on the restaurant.

India has also been consistently ranked among the cheapest countries for international students to study, according to a survey carried out by HSBC ‘s Retail Banking and Wealth Management business, India was ranked the cheapest country to study for international students.

There are Hundreds of universities in India, here below are five university that offer affordable tuition fees for international students.


Jamia Islamia University

This is a public university in the heart of the nation’s capital New Delhi, the institution was established in 1920 during the colonial era. Jamia Islamia University has nine faculties with the university having 23000 students as at 2017. It is rank in the top 20 schools in India and occupies the top 800 institutions in the world. International students can have a feel of the nation’s capital while getting affordable education. The tuition fees for international students is between the ranges of $600-$1500.

Jadavpur University

This government owned university is located in kolkata and is among the first university in India, having been established in 1861. The university is ranked 12th in India and occupies top 800 institutions in the world. The tuition fees for international students ranges around $300-$500, but Information technology courses range around $800-$1000.

Kakatiya University

Kakatiya University is located in Warangal, India. The university offers more than 100 courses in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The institution has over 90,000 students, with the school location among the cheapest areas in India.  International student’s fees range from $650 to $800 per year.

JawaHarlal Nehru University

This is a popular university having been named after the first prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. It is located in the capital New Delhi, and was established in 1969. The institution is ranked 6th in India and is among the best universities in Asia. International student’s fees range from $750 to $850.

Osmania University

This University was established in 1914 and is located in Hyderabad, India. The university has over 3000 international students from more than 70 countries. The institution is one of the institutions in India that has five star status reputation. It is ranked 23rd in India and 800 in the world. The tuition fees for international students ranges from $500 to $650.

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  1. Hi! I am Ducasse Mylove, I am Haitian and live in Haiti. I need to prepare a master degree in India. But I got no more money, I need an help please.


        1. Hi Daniel, here is our whatsapp number +919995080368. You can also chat us up on facebook messenger via our page. Thank you.

          1. Hi ,I have completed polytechnic in Ghana,I offered HND(Higher National Diploma) in purchasing and supply chain.Please,I want to do a top up

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  2. I want to study medicine in India I just want to know the amount of money that I will spend the whole program including housing please in jamia islamia university delhi

    1. There are many Schools here that are very good in Computer science and Computer Application course. We can help you get admission to any one of them. You can send us a message on whatsapp to further the discussion.

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  5. i would like to have my maters degree computer science in an indian university with low cost..what should my budget be…
    the said budget should include tuition fee,transportation,accomodation…
    am an african…from nigeria….Thank You

  6. Hello my name is Ali , I am from Yemen
    I need to study my Bachelor india
    I hope u can help me to register

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  8. Hello,
    I was just going through the admission requirements for Jadvapur university and discovered that persons above 25 years of age can’t apply for an undergraduate degree course?

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    I am Mahmoud from Nigeria. My son has a diploma in accounting from a Federal Polytechnic here in Nigeria and want to top it with a degree in the same field in India.
    At which level is he to continue? And duration?
    Kindly advice and recommend a university base on quality and affordability.
    Our budget on tuition is maximum of $800 per session.

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