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How To Study In Indian University

Studying in India is never complicated like you may think. India is an accommodating country and also one of the fastest growing country. During my studies here we had modern educational facilities like practical laboratory, projectors, sports room and so on. The education here is undoubtedly among the best in the world.

To study here you must first have to get an admission from any government registered college or university. All you need is a scanned copy of your international passport (it must be authentic and valid), your school certificates (for undergraduate you should provide your O level certificate and for post graduates you should provide your degree certificate) and finally 12 passport sized photos.

Admission to Indian universities starts from January till July, late admission incurs some fees. It is advisable to start the process on time in order to meet up with any unforeseen challenges/circumstances. Some Indian colleges can be strict when it comes to admission process that is why it is important to start on time.

Colleges here charge for admissions, this fee is non-refundable, we have eligibility fee and admission fee. This fee is paid with the submission of the admission form, filling in the admission form can be hectic also especially when you haven’t received your VISA. The total estimate for the whole admission process is $400. When the form is submitted it takes within 2 weeks to get the admission letter if everything went well.

The college will issue an admission letter with which you can go to your country’s Indian embassy for visa approval. Some Indian embassies might issue 3 years student Visa if you pay 1st year school fees before applying and 1 year student Visa if you will pay school fees when you arrive in India. Your resident permit can be always renewed while studying here so don’t worry about the Visa duration. The school fees are paid annually excluding some other fees like exam fees, sports fees, and library fees etc.

So if you are dreaming or planning of studying in India then we are here to help you and lift off all the hassles for you. All you have to do is to sit and wait for your admission letter after paying the admission process fee. When you get your visa the next thing is to book your flight to the nearest airport close your college or university. We can help you do this if you have little knowledge on the cities here.

When you arrive India it won’t take long you get use to the new environment and make new friends. You may also meet students from your country too who knows. There are foreign student organization in most Indian cities with foreign students. This organizations use to organize social gatherings and sports competition which will make your stay here memorable.

The internet speed here is awesome, I use to use broadband internet which is also affordable, accommodation and food is also very cheap. India is also known for cheap milk and chicken, you will never lack this two food because of the cheap rate. You can easily get a room self-contain below Rs3,500 and even two rooms for Rs5,000 below. You are also free to stay in the school hostel if you want but you have to obey their rules and regulations.

Students are not allowed to work in India and so be prepared that all your financial assistance will be form your people at home. Also stay away from trouble and abide with the country’s culture and rules. Here are some colleges you might want to check out: Vijay Vikas Engineering College Chamundi, NIIT Engineering College Warangal, Chantanya Institute of Technology, Chatanya Degree College.

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  1. I am looking for a place for my daughter to come and study in India. I have been made to understand you provide good education to foreign students as well as provide grants to study at the University there.

  2. I need the procedures of enrollment and registration for Zimbabwean prospective students ?
    What are the details for arrival to India for new students ?

    I have got a daughter who got an offer at RIMT University to study Hotel Management under graduate degree ?

    1. Hello Freddy, thank you for the comment. Please can you send us an email to follow up with your question. Thanks

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